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Follow along with other expats who've made the big move and are sharing their stories online. They might not convince you to move abroad, but they most certainly will inspire you to travel. At the very least, take a journey in their shoes as they show you the world through their eyes...

Meet Lisa, a Canadian woman who moved from Ontario to Devon, England with her two daughters in 2010. Now married to her Scottish man, Lisa continues to live a happy life in the UK, certain in the knowledge that this was the right place for her and her family. On her site, you will find a very thorough guide for relocating to the United Kingdom.

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Free Candie From Newfoundland to Berlin

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This is clearly an unfinished list and I'm always interested in discovering new ones, so please share your treasures! Also, though I try to stay up to date with these blogs, please let me know if you meet a dead link, or an abandoned blog.

Cheers! :D