About This Blog

Before moving to England, I had a lot to prepare and research. And there didn't seem to be one place that pulled together everything I needed to know. So, I had to navigate the jungle of websites, wading through Google with the "UK" label firmly affixed to every search, to get anything relevant and up-to-date.

I realized that creating a blog to share about our experience moving here, things we've discovered, things we had to learn the hard way, etc., might be a handy resource for others making a similar move.

Incidentally, Canadians and Americans not only share a continent, but we also share common/similar ways of doing things, and our cultures have meshed a little bit. So, even if you're not Canadian, this blog can definitely stand as a start off point for your own move. Also, people from North America who are simply travelling to the UK might find a lot of the information I'm writing about useful too, such as rules of the road, demystifying terms and expressions, things like that.

Despite the fact that we live here now, I don't consider myself to be any kind of expert. However, I do a lot of research on the subjects I write about, and in every post I refer to the sources where I got my information from.

If you have any questions, whether they be about a subject I've discussed or one I haven't broached yet, please feel free to ask me. I am always interested in learning knew things about this country, and helping you will likely teach me a few things! If you've had a related experience, do share it with me in the comments, or contact me on the various platforms I've linked.

Navigating the Archives

The  Article Archive  links to the big subjects. You'll find:
  • driving and bicycling information in Rules of the Road;
  • groceries and grocery stores, cooking terminology in In the Kitchen;
  • choosing a school, school supplies, and that sort of stuff in Education.
  • More categories to follow.

The  Our Travels  tab is coming soon!
In here you'll find our travel itineraries and experiences. Since we love going to pubs, I've started keeping tabs (haha, pun intended) on where we've gone, so I will be posting a series of reviews on pubs and free houses. As well as our local weekend-days-out in the southern part of England.

Last but not least, there's the Resource link, which I hope you will find handy. At the moment there is just The Kitchen Help Cheat Sheets on there, but as you can see, this blog is just taking off. I have plans to make other printer-friendly PDFs, like an itinerary template for travellers and a basic driving "cheat sheet" to download. A lexicon of sorts is already in the works, with a list of expressions and words with their "Canadian translation".

Big plans, big projects... Please stay tuned. :)

Happy travels!